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Short history

Was built In 1956 by the North Shipyard In Gdansk for the Polish Navy to sail as a diving ship supporting the underwater operations. From 1980-s was named r/v „Kaszubski Brzeg „ and sail for the Maritime Museum of Gdansk conducting the under-water archaeological research .. In 2009 she changed the owner and her name for „Safira” Since then she sails under the ownership of the YBM Shipyard which did a lot refitting works to restore her sea –going class certificates and the beauty with the special attention to her „old ship’ charters and lay out. „Safira is also well equipped with the safety appliances and technical means to conduct the underwater works safely. These are: a special electric platform to allow the divers to go In and out of the water In the full gear of deep water equipment: the crane to hoist the loads out of the water up to 3 T.

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Norwegian diving trip

3 months trip to Norway for the wracks diving in the fjords near Bergen. That was a turist trip for diving amateurs.

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Research work:

- Underwater works and diving on wracks In the Gdansk Bay with Maritime Museum of Gdansk.

- Research works conduct by Maritime Institute and Gdansk University.

- Condition of Baltic flora and fauna, surface and bottom samples.

- Underwater inspection for company DLH from Denmark on the conditions of gas pipeline North Stream near the Swedish coast.

- Bird’s watching – rout of migration over south Baltic prior the investments of wind electro farm.